A Chicago-based products manufacturer is working hard to gain traction for its sustainability programs with the media, its customers and the industry. We work with the communications team to develop strategies that create a steady drumbeat of coverage for these initiatives across all communications channels including digital platforms. This involves gaining buy-in from executives skeptical about how online outreach can help increase the bottom line.
Washington State
A world-class energy company in the Pacific Northwest is developing technology for the next generation of clean energy production. Leading minds from Silicon Valley support the company, which is vying to support critical projects led by the federal government. We develop communications strategies and materials, conduct digital and media outreach, and support industry and partner engagement in coordination with the government affairs team, engineers and executives, including digital platforms.
An East Coast utility is building a new pipeline that will bring conventional and renewable natural gas to communities that have long lived without. The challenge is to make the case that this pipeline should continue to retain political and community support in an environment where pipelines are being challenged despite their benefits. We work with the utility’s corporate office and local subsidiary to create and implement communications strategies and outreach to support this infrastructure project.
Washington DC
A major Washington, D.C., association seeks to acquire new members and show value to existing participants. We are helping the association think through membership recruitment strategies, creating event videos to kick off board meetings and special events, activating third-party voices to support advocacy issues and developing policy collateral for use on the Hill, with members and through social channels.


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