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Juneteenth diagonal color fields
President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, but it would take over two years for all enslaved people to secure their freedom. Juneteenth, which is short for June 19, commemorates the day  …Read more
Many recent discussions and online debates have been about the pros and cons of rapidly advancing AI technology. These debates continue to thrive on LinkedIn and elsewhere today, many of which are among public …Read more
Brooke Leader, one of our Senior Account Coordinators, was unsure how to begin her career after college. In fact, given her far-reaching interests and knack for picking up skills on the fly, it was a challenge …Read more
Many of us rely on some type of research to do our jobs well. We might not consider ourselves researchers, but most of us are digging into the depths of the internet or conducting interviews …Read more
Did you know about 50% of the U.S. workforce feels burnt out, frustrated by workplace expectations, underappreciated by their employers or some combination thereof? Since late 2021, …Read more
Amy Thompson has seen it all in a communications career that started at one of the largest teacher’s labor unions in the country and took her to some of the most prestigious positions in D.C. …Read more
When we prepare for and embark on a professional career, we can’t know the twists and turns it might take or how instances of good fortune and bad luck might cause monumental shifts …Read more
Whether it’s part of their daily practice or just during highly stressful periods, sometimes employers practice toxic positivity. This is showing extreme positivity in both words and actions …Read more

The modern-day executive still balances budgets, increases organizational value and drives operational excellence. However, today’s leaders also experience growing pressure to build personal brandsRead more

The media establishment has been taking a beating over the past several years. They are an easy target for a full range of political, activist and advocacy groups. And at times, certain members of the media don’t help their cause…Read more

Last week, I sat in my barber’s chair as we discussed why he still wears the ubiquitous mask that has been a part of our lives for more than a year. For background, we are both fully vaccinated. He wears it because he doesn’t trust that everyone who enters the store will be COVID-free…Read more

News reports and independent commentators are ramping up the resilience rhetoric in the aftermath of last week’s Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. The discussion is understandable as gas prices spiked to $3 a gallon and, according to the Washington Post, more than 10,000 gas stations across the Southeast ran out of fuel…Read more
The cornerstone of President Biden’s new infrastructure plan is a federal clean energy standard that aims to achieve 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035…Read more